WIZMASTER is multiplay-NetworkGAME that is "PLOTO-01".
A note of thinking that it will upgrade to below the present state and from now on is made.
Program & Design:ed.TOMO/since.Apr.-5,2003

 < Present > 
- Although a setup is "exploring the underground labyrinth in which "WIZMASTER"'s lives, pushing down "WIZMASTER", and bringing the AMYULET of a labyrinth home", "WIZMASTER" and "the AMYULET of a labyrinth" are not made yet.
- The underground labyrinth has a square of 10x10 now.
- Only the right-and-left front of the position in which he is present can see a player.
- When moving forward, click the front. If there is neither an obstacle nor an accident, it will move forward to the following mass.
- When turning to right and left, turn to the direction of the side clicked when each wall was clicked.
- 1H.P. decreases to the degree of advance, a turn, and conversation.
- If its HP is set to 0, although it is to die from an original setup, even if it is subtracted now, it can move.
- Conversation mode is not made yet. Even if it addresses now, it has not answered exactly.
- Some monsters, gold, items, etc. were built.

 < Future >  
- I think that size of an underground labyrinth will be used as the map of 100x100. (It may be somewhat difficult (sweat))
- You can talk with other contestants, and if an attribute and the affinity of a race suit, you can construct a party.
- It is due for me to enrich "battle mode" more.
- Give change to an attack and a defense pattern by the level, the class, the race, etc.
- An arms store is due to be built.
- I need to increase a monster and an item more.

 < Design >  
- Probably, it will be good to evolve into the multi-play online network game which can play about 1,000 persons (lol).


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